Blue Bandage Polocrosse

What is BBP?

The objective is to drive our playing numbers and make it easy for new members to come and try our game as a non-contact sport.

Polocrosse Australia (PAA) will supply each state will receive a BBP starter kit. Rackets, bandages, balls + more

BBP could be ran only on a Saturday from 10-3 for example. Its up to your clubs discretion how you’d like to run it….but don’t worry….we are here to help!

For BBP to work, we all need to work together as a team.
Any ideas or any feedback on how to make this better would be very much appreciated by the PAA.

Stay with us….further information will be supplied to us by PAA along with a poster and a nation wide website.

So for all those people who have thought about having a go….NOW is their chance! We know they’ll love this sport as much as we do!

#bluebandagepolox #poloxvic

BBP Feedback from the Casterton Polocrosse Club