Adelaide Show

Good Luck to the following Victorian Members participating in an exhibition event at the Adelaide Show this week.

We wish you all the best and thank you for taking this opportunity to further expose our game in Australia. Enjoy, have fun and do you best.

Thanks also to Steve Bolton who is coaching the team at this event.

Ben Bolton
Harley Kenney
Annabell Michelmore
Emily Michelmore
Hamish Carlin
Geordie Tait

Thanks Lisa

Horse Transport WA to Vic

Anyone interested in horse transport from WA to Vic see below opportunity.

A Gooseneck and Truck will be travelling from Perth to the Latrobe Valley Victoria sometime in the next 60 days (give or take) and has 2 available horse bays. Anyone interested in trabsporting horses from WA to VIC at a largely discounted rate to contact me (by phone or email is OK). My gooseneck is in excellent condition and suitable for big horses to travel without fatigue; I will be driving so they will be well cared for.

Greg Kirsch
GRK Developments
M: +61 (0) 429 031 945

Polocrosse Victoria Squads

Hi all,

please forward to your members or find attached for your information.

Congratulations to the members of the Polocrosse Victoria Squads!

The selectors have worked together over the season and we thank them for their time and commitment to this role.

Please note:
Squads are dependent on the horse/rider combination and coaches/selectors must be advised of any horse changes. The squads are fluid and are subject to change.

Your coach will be in contact with you as required.

If anyone has any queries contact please Warren.

With thanks PV selectors and committee
Squads 2016 (1)

Player Transfers

Hi all,
PV Player transfer info
many players are making the most of Polocrosse interstate. It is the playing members choice to transfer and they must complete the form and process correctly.

Please advise your members of the required process as outlined in the attached letter.

With thanks Lisa

Goulburn Valley Tournament Cancelled

Hi all,

Unfortunately we have had notice from the Goulburn Valley Club that they will unable to host the proposed tournament in late May.

Please advise your members.

With thanks Lisa on behalf of the Goulburn Valley Club