Polocrosse Victoria Selectors and Coaches

Hi all,

please find attached the appointed Selectors and coaches for the next two years.
Thank you to the Corio and Trafalgar clubs who emailed their club selected player nomination forms in prior to the date.  Some clubs handed them in on the weekend and for the clubs yet to do so, Wednesday is the final day.  So please ensure your selectors have these forms completed and emailed by 5pm Wednesday.
Selectors and Coaches will be provided with all information regarding nominations received as soon as possible.

PV Coaches Selectors 2015 2016

U21 player opportunity at Sale

Hi all,
please see attached invite from the Sale club who are hosting a U 21 boys chukka/game on Saturday @ around 6 .00pm. This is separate to club games. As this is a Multi Horse carnival there is no restrictions re horses but considering the squad will be announced shortly the preferred nominated horse would be suggested.
A prize for Best u 21 will be given at completion of game.
The YDO and Coaching panel have asked for this event and the Sale Club has given its approval.
Selectors will also be invited to attend this weekend.
Players are to let Renee know prior to Friday.
Thanks Lisa

feb invite under 21 new

Attention All Juniors

Attention all Polocrosse Victoria Junior Players!

A Junior competition will be held at the Ballarat Polocrosse Club tournament on 7th and 8th of March.

Players are to be entered in as pool players and will be put into teams and appointed a coach.
Previous Junior competitions have been very successful and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
It is a good opportunity to develop our junior players with their peers and to also develop accredited coaches.
The PV committee request that clubs support this initiative and encourage their juniors to attend this tournament.
More information to follow soon!
Thanks Lisa , Lee and Hugh

Sale Invite and Reminders

Hi all,

Please find attached the Sale tournament invite.
Please remind your club selectors that player nomination forms for the PV squads are due by Friday 20th February.  Selectors have been already watching the players in their category and clubs must ensure these forms are submitted.  (Available on the website or previous emails).
Also any changes to player gradings must be put in an email to the state grading officer Michael Galvin:
after consultation from the zone.
Thanks Lisa

Squad Club Nomination Form & Letter


Attached are the player nominations forms for club selectors to nominate players for PV squad selection.


Please note if a nominated players horse changes, then a new form with new horse will need to be submitted.  This may result in a change to the squad selections.  Please ensure selectors/players are aware of this and that any change to horses must be immediately reported to the coach and selector of the relevant category.

Squad club nomination letter 2015

Player Nomination Form 2015