Twisted Bits

Attention Club Horse Welfare Officers:
Please be advised of the following legislation:
“Under Section 8 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulations 2008, a person must not use a mouthpiece on a horse if the mouthpiece is twisted at the point where the device is in contact with the bar of the horse’s mouth. Penalty: 10 penalty units (currently $1,410).

The “bar” is defined under the Regulations as: “in relation to a horse’s mouth, means the gums of a horse between the incisors and the molars”.

Note that not only twisted wire bits are prohibited, but twisted bits of any nature.

The use of such a device is an offence under the Act and the offender may be prosecuted in court. The Regulations also enable a Penalty Infringement Notice to be served on the offender (Schedule 6 in the Regulations) of 2 penalty units (currently $282)”

Naomi Friede,
Project and Legislation Officer,
Bureau of Animal Welfare,
Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI),


At any Polocrosse Victoria Gazetted Polocrosse Tournament or Practice where this legislation is broken (refer to above) it will result in a four tournament suspension for the offender. Umpires will be instructed to check all gear prior to play commencing.
(Motion carried at PV Committee Meeting Saturday 8th December 2014)
Brad Cooper State Chief Umpire

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