Hands Up For Help


Hope you are all well and recovering from a big nationals.

I am emailing to ask if you guys could please send out the following attachment to all of your zones and clubs.

Russell and Kate Davison of the Tansey club QLD are organising an auction for a close friend and fellow Tansey Club members Terrance and Alex Rowe.
Alex has a blood disease that has led her to what seemed to be the end of the road, until her doctors found a drug that has considerably lowered her blood count in just one month, Alex’s doctors approached the pharmaceutical company for compassionate use for one of these treatments. Unfortunately because Alex’s disease isn’t specific to their treatments they couldn’t consent to free (PBS) access to such a treatment. . This means, $9000 per month for a course of medication.
There has been a vast array of polocrosse people donating items to be auctioned at Warwick Rosebowl on the 23rd August. Attached is a PDF list of Alex’s full story, and a complete list of auction items, including embryo pregnancies, a yearling colt, service fees, and a breaking in.

We are trying to get as much interest in this auction in the hope of raising enough money to buy Alex a few more months worth of medication.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could please circulate this to all your state members.

Kind Regards,
Lucy Grills.

Hands upto Help attachment